Portrait and Landscape Photographer currently based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, I came from Historic City of Gardens Lahore, Pakistan. I am an IT graduate by education and Business Analyst by profession.

Photography plays a major role in my life. I love taking photos and am most comfortable with a camera in my hand, whether that is my dSLR or my iPhone camera. I’ve found that it’s the taking of the photos, not the quality of the camera, that’s most important. In recent years, photography has become both a creative and emotional outlet for me — a way to express what’s going on inside at a conscious and subconscious level.

I have travelled around the world due to my job and that has given me opportunities to see the world through the eye of my camera.

Whenever I get a chance I try to experience life through my camera eye and enjoy it. I try to create a personal and custom experience to surpass client's photography expectations.