Being A Photographer

One of the most difficult thing is being a photographer when you enter this field. You find people in two categories. "Professional" and "Amateur or Hobbyist". Now technically there is no difference in the two except the later one doesn't earn money essentially from photography, that is all.

When I entered into this field practically in 2012, I faced many questions regarding my photography.

  1. Why do I do it?
    (Because it is my hobby and passion)
  2. Why portraits only?
    (When I started it as hobby actually that time I had my close and
    extended family around me and I started by taking their pictures so technically portraiture was my first experience to photography)
  3. If portraits then why mostly women?
    (Well for years human body has been primary target of art and in human body women are the most targeted ones. Also nature has put a kind of beauty and artistic touch in female body that gives more attractive poses and emotions to be captured. Also when I actually started my hobby I found more women agreeing to getting photographed then men, at least to me)
Some times you face questions regarding camera. Especially when you are capturing an event solely related to family, then you have to actually recommend a camera to many of your family members, who then come up with different with weird questions like "why Canon? why not Nikon? But Sony has better interface and options ... Now days OMD-1 is more famous etc.".

And if actually don't name any specific company or give multiple choices by saying choose as per your budget then some of them think you are not serious in recommending one.

It is true that you can not make every body happy. But it is also true no body wants to to show satisfaction on your answers also.